10 Weird Ways To Make Money Online

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Most of us have pretty average jobs. From working in a shopping mall to a bar to a 9-5 office job, there isn’t a wild amount of variety in the average career. But of course, in today’s crazy world, creative thinkers don’t have to have an ordinary job to make good profits.

In fact, there are many seriously uncommon ways to make a lot of money nowadays, discovered by people that found a niche in uncommon services. These money making methods are remarkable – some are ridiculous and some are hilarious, but almost all of them show how enterprising and clever people can be.


#10 I bet you just throw away your empty ink cartridges or leave them forgotten in the drawer and go to the store for a new one. What would you do if I told you can actually get paid for you empty ink cartridges? Yes, it’s possible. Sign up at The recycling Factory and they will pay you up to £4.10 for each cartridge but there’s another company called Cash for Cartridges will pay you up to £4.50 each time. You can even gather your family’s empty cartridges for cash.


#9 You might have piles and piles of clothes you don’t wear in your closet. Statistics say that up to 95% of the clothes we throw away could be worn again.

The popular clothing brand H&M is gathering clothes and textiles of any brand and any condition. They’re willing to give you a £5 voucher to redeem it in store for each bag of clothes you bring in. You can donate up to 2 bags per day. A great opportunity to take your clothes to the store is when seasons change and you have to change your wardrobe.


#8 Are you trying to lose weight? Are you on your fitness journey? Two Harvard students started this app called Pact. What does it do for you? It makes you bet on yourself and if you stick to your goals, you can make money throughout the whole process.

You can set personal workout goals and can set how much you’re willing to pay if you don’t meet those compromises. Maybe you want to stick to the gym 4 days a week or you want to wake up early to work out so the deal is that you agree on a ‘fee’ for every time you miss those goals. The default fine is about $5.

That means that if you miss a workout it’s $5, miss three and it’ll be $15.

Now, if you hit your goal, you’ll get paid from the fines paid by the users who didn’t meet the goals.

You might be wondering how you can prove the workouts were actually done. Well, don’t worry about it, they have ways to verify it. It’s hard to play the system so go ahead and get that bikini body!


#7 We always go on vacation, take beautiful pictures of all the landscapes and different places we visit just to store these pictures for ourselves. How about you trade them for some cash and also your work will be shared! You don’t have to be an experienced photographer to take pictures worth paying for. Some agencies like Fotolia and 123rf would be willing to pay you for your snapshots even if they only thing they have if good resolution, nothing fancy. So, every time someone buys your picture you get a ‘royalty fee’.

#6 You need a haircut? Go for it and also get paid for it! Long hair is a trend that’s been running for years now and the extension industry keeps growing within each day. So your long locks are actually worth some cash.

There’s a website called Gumtree where you’ll find a group of wigmakers that are up to paying you big money for your hair. Also a good option is contacting your colleges and local beauty salons to see if they’re looking for hair models to improve their skills.


#5 You like the place you live; you know how to go around it like an expert? If you’re that member of the family that shows the city around to other relatives that come to visit then this is the job for you. Sign up to Vayable and you can out together a cheerful group of tourists to show them the city around. You get to set your price per tourist even though Vayable takes 3% commissions but it’s a pretty good deal! You can take them to your favorite places!


#4 Are you a tech junkie? You love apps and videogames? Developers, entrepreneurs, coding students and such pay people to test and review their apps, websites, videogames and you could be one of them! ErliBird lets you test these products through a remote global testing platform. Big part of the money comes from the focus on group participation so look there first!


#3 Don’t throw away your empty juice or beer cans in the trash! You can trade them for Clubcard Points at Tesco and trade them in for different items. They’re worth £1 in store but imagine if you do this for each can for days, months… it’ll build up to a good amount of money just for drinking juice or beer! The only thing you need to do is checking at your local Tesco and see if they have a recycling service.


#2 We all have that friend that can’t find that ideal job or maybe you’re that friend. In either case you can head over to Refermehappy which is a jobsearch site where you can register whether as a ‘referrer’ or a ‘friend’ and you’ll get a referral bonus from the company your friend was hired from. How great is this? A win-win opportunity!


#1 And finally, let’s face it. Our generation loves texting at any time for any reason! Yes, you can get paid for that as well. ChaCha is a service that allows people ask any questions and get an answer within minutes. If you reply those questions, you get paid. As simple as that.

Warning, things can get pretty weird. People can ask the most uncommon questions so be ready! How much can you earn? £0.15 per question is not a lot of money per say but hey, it’s good if you’re bored at home one afternoon. You can get a decent amount of money stacking up pennies.


So, I gave you 10 options that might not be the most common ways to earn money but still, some of them are easy and others are fun. Always remember to enjoy what you’re doing no matter what!

To your success,

John Michael