How To Discipline Yourself

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You have probably heard on numerous occasions people talk about the importance of having self-discipline; about how it is a vital component to the attainment of any worthy goal. However, have you ever considered what self-discipline really means? Have you ever taken the time to consider what it’s all about? This of course isn’t an easy question to answer. Let’s therefore look at a definition of self-discipline from several perspectives to help us fully grasp what it truly means. On the surface self-discipline essentially comes down to having a reason to do something and sticking to it for the long-haul. This of course boils down to having an internal desire and motivation to bring a goal to fruition over the long-haul. However, this is not just about the process of pursuing a goal. It’s more specifically about your ability to control your desires and impulses to stay focused on what needs to get done to successfully achieve that goal. As such, self-discipline involves committing to long-term gains without falling prey to instant gratification along the way. To Your Success, John Michael