Free Or Paid Traffic?

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To make money online you need traffic. Traffic that you’ll drive to your landing page and convert them into leads and buyers.

The question is should you go for free or paid traffic?

Surely making money with free traffic sounds great, but what really is the best choice?

It really depends…

When I got started, trying to figure out how I can start making money online, I spent all our savings on paid traffic with nothing to show, so my only option was free traffic.

More specifically I had my first 10k/month after 4 months all from free YouTube traffic! This is one of the things I specialise in and teach to my students by the way 🙂

However, if you have money to invest in your business I strongly recommend going with paid traffic.

When it comes down to business opportunities and the make money online niche, then solo ads is one of your best choices for paid traffic. We’ll cover solo ads (essentially email ads) on another training video.

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