How To Get Paid To Listen To Music Online

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I bet you won´t believe me if I tell you that you can actually get paid by just listening to music. But yes, it’s possible. Many of you have asked me for ways to make money online so I did my research and found some unique ways to do so. One of them was by listening to music and rating tracks. I know you might be getting bored of the long-term online money making solutions but this option I found for you might be your best shot! Basically, new musicians want to show their talent so they want your feedback on their work. You just have to listen to their music and rate it. I’ve discovered three sites that will pay you for doing this:



Want to earn easy money by simply listening to music and helping up and coming music artists? Then HitPredictor is the site for you! This scam free website pays you to listen to new artists who are trying to get their name out, but just need as much people as possible to listen to their music. This is another website that pays you for listening to music. This site was specially created for up and coming musicians to have a chance to have their music listened to. The “scouts” (aka you) will rate and write reviews for these musicians so that they can get more money themselves.

Specially hosts unsigned singers so your reviews are necessary to give them the direction on what’s their best track for recording and radio opportunities.

So you’re willing to sit down and listen to music for money. But what if there’s certain genres you just can’t stand (you couldn’t pay me to listen to metal, for example). Well, the cool thing about this website is that at the time of registration and setting up your profile, they’ll ask you what kind of music you do like so that the reviews you will give tracks will be more substantial. You have countless choices on this website so you’ll be able to provide reviews for different types of tracks. I know PRO reviewers (for magazines, radios, recording labels…) might make a bigger paycheck, but these online jobs can make some contribution to your pocket. If you have free time, then why not? If you’re a truly music fan this won’t even feel like working. You’re not going to become rich from this but if you like to listen to music, might as well get paid for it!


To your success,

John Michael