How To Make $1,000 /Week Just By Typing!! (10 BEST WEBSITES)

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Do you like writing? Do you have your way with words? Well, let me tell you that big companies and startups pay people to write articles for them. So you can actually make money writing about things you like! How much can you earn? You can earn up to $1000 a week by doing what you like!


#10 Metro Parent is a parenting-oriented magazine that allows you to write parenting columns for $50-$75 each but also lets you write more detailed articled worth up to $350 if approved. These detailed articles should be 1,000-2,500 words long: the payment will depend on how complex the topic is; how many sources were used among other requirements. The approximate payment per word is $0.14 which is not bad at all. These payments will be made by check.


#9 allows designers or just people proficient in Photoshop in general to write short articles with tips worth up to $50 or you could also write a full tutorial for any feature of the software for up to $350. How do you know it qualifies? In this case the payment won’t be measured per word but on the final result of your tutorial. All you have to do is send a picture of your final results and they’ll give you the green light to write the tutorial for them. You can get your payment through Paypal.


#8 Are you into coding? EnvatoTuts+ is a coding platform that helps its users improve their programming skills. If you’d like to share some knowledge, they’ll pay you for it! If you know about different language skills like HTML, CSS, Ruby, PHP, etc… you can get up to $100 for a quick tutorial and up to $250 for a regular tutorial. If you’re a professional writer or well-known author, you could even earn more. They payment will be discussed based on your experience and proof of your work.


#7 Have you traveled the world? Have you lived by yourself somewhere else? Then International Living can use that experience and even pay you for it! How amazing? They’re a global/travel magazine where you can share your tips, story, recommendations and they’ll pay you up to $250 840 words and up to $400 for 1,400 word that means $0.29 per word which is phenomenal!

#6 If you like writing about different topics in general, New West is willing to pay you up to $500 for you article about any news or feature you want to share about a variety of topics like politics, culture, traveling, new economy, etc… The payment will be based on the content you provide them with.

#5 If you’re into history, decorating, crafts, travelling, traditions… The Early American Life is paying up to $500 for sort stories and features, payment can go up as your skills develop but that’s not bad for starters. Each run for about 2,500 words which means that they’ll pay you $0.20 per word. Not bad at all! One thing is for sure, you need to be proficient in those topics regarding the 1800s America.


#4 [s] If you know how to save money and want to share your tips on for example, how to save money on groceries then the Dollar Stretcher is the one for you! They’ll pay you for sharing your recommendations on how to administrate money. They pay $0.10 per word which means that if you write a 5000-word article, you’ll get $500 and so forth. This is one of the best shots.

#3 Now, if you’re into literature, you like poetry and reading different books; VQR is a literature journal that focuses of finding the best writing they can. If you write poetry you can get paid up to $200 for each and you can submit 4 poems for which you can get paid $1000. If you’re into fiction, you can write a short story and get more than $1000 for each. For other genres or literary criticism, they normally pay $1000 and above at $0.25 per word, depending on the resources you might get paid more. For book reviews, they generally ask from 2,000 words to 4,000 words and are paid a flat rate of $500.

#2 Have you heard of The Sun Magazine? Yes, they’re always looking for new articles, essays, interviews and even poetry that can be provided by its users. You can even write about politics and cultural issues.

They pay up to $2000 for essays and interviews, up to $1500 for fiction writing and $200 for your poetry. As a bonus and after your work is approved, you’ll get a one-year subscription.

And finally #1! Glimmer Train Stories can pay you up to $3000 for your original short story if it comes at first place! And don’t worry they have a “standard” category that allows stories below 12,000 words for which they pay up to $700, not bad uh? It’s important to know that they don’t accept poetry, children stories or novels.

Okay, there you go. I’ve gather the best opportunities for you to make money by just writing articles. How cool? Get your creative juices flowing and make the most out of them!


To your Success,

John Michael