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I bet you spend hours watching videos on YouTube or even watching TV. Did you know you can get paid just by watching videos? Amazing, right?

Today, I’ll show you how the best and most user-friendly sites for this making money online method.

  1. You Cubez

You Cubez is an advertising site that has been online and paying since 2007. This site allows members to advertise links in the form of a “cube”.

These “cubes” can represent a site, blog, or a PTC site. A PTC site is a site that pays you to watch an advertisement, which is where you come in. The advertiser pays money to lead traffic to his/her site and you get payed from watching their videos or going on their site. There are no restrictions on who can join and earn from this site. All countries are accepted.

  1. SwagBucks

SwagBucks is another easy way to earn some money. SwagBucks is an internet search engine like Google or Bing, except on this search engine you earn money for searching the internet! What a concept. Search the web a few times a day and you could earn up to 7 to 10 SwagBucks a day. Earn 450 of these and you get a $5 Amazon gift card. There are other ways to earn money on this website. You can take surveys, watch videos, shop online and much more. There are many quick two to three minute videos that you can watch for a quick buck, as well as sweepstakes where you can win up to a Playstation! Signing up is simple.

  1. QuickRewards

QuickRewards is very similar to SwagBucks.

It is a company formed in 2002 that lets its members get paid for shopping online, visiting websites, taking surveys, reading emails, using coupons, and signing up for offers. You’re paid within 24 hours through gift certificates or via PayPal. You can easily earn 5-15 dollars a day here doing what you usually do online, like surfing the web and visiting websites. The customer support on this website is great and they always reply within 5-8 hours and are incredibly nice.  The website’s a little clunky but just sign up with your email and you’re good to go!

So, what are you waiting for?

To your success,

John Michael