If you told me 3 years ago how my life would change, I would call you CRAZY!

Living a life of total FREEDOM was for me just something you read in fairy tales. I could NEVER imagine in my wildest dreams that the day would come when:

I would QUIT my job…
I could spend all the time I wanted with my family…
We could do all the things we love…
And have the freedom to travel anywhere in the world…

Yet still be able to access my business with just a laptop and an internet connection 🙂

How To Make $5,000 – $10,000 Per Month Thanks To YouTube (Interview With New York Times Best Selling Author – Mark Anastasi)

Growing up, I never really knew what I wanted to do in my life and guess followed the ‘system’ just like everyone else. Finished college, found a good job and lived by…

However, always deep inside me, there was a burning fire, telling me that I was made for so much MORE than this.

I worked for many years in the tourism and catering industry and what once was an exciting field for me, gradually become a job I grew to HATE!

I had become a ‘modern slave’, working 10-12 hours a day, 6-7 days a week, with little to NO recognition and a very AVERAGE salary.

When my partner Eva announced that she was pregnant, I knew I HAD to make some radical changes in my life, or else, I would just see my kid in pictures!

So I started surfing the web for ways to BREAK OUT of my ‘prison ’which so many people called a ‘Good Job’.

I remember coming home late at night after work and spending hours glued to my computer, DESPERATELY looking for a way out.

One day a friendly young man, I had met at the resort I was working, Mark Anastasi, gave me a copy of his New York Bestseller ‘The Laptop Millionaire’. His book featured 21 ways how anyone can start making money online, with case studies of everyday people that had generated insane amounts of money, leveraging the power of the internet.

I was BLOWN away!

For 2 days I read the book like a MANIAC, every second I found free (yes even in the toilet!)

One part of me was so excited, but another part was in still in doubt…

So I asked Mark: ‘Is this for REAL?’

‘Can you REALLY make so much money with just a laptop and an internet connection?’

‘Of course John!’ Mark replied joyfully and was kind enough to invite me to his stunning villa and let me take a peek at his online business.

We chatted for hours, (till way past midnight) as he revealed to me how his online business worked and passionately described the ENDLESS possibilities.

I was so EXCITED and told Eva the AMAZING possibilities the internet provided and how it could help transform our lives.

By then I had made my DECISION.

That’s what I was going to do. PERIOD!

I would set up my own online business, be MY OWN BOSS and work from my laptop!

I was DETERMINED to make this work, no matter what!

Since my job didn’t give me any spare time, one day I made the LEAP.

I wrought up my letter of resignation and PROUDLY handed it to my boss!

That day it felt that I had CUT LOOSE the chains that where holding me down.

Surely I was AFRAID as the future was unknown and at that stage I really had NO IDEA from where to start, but like I told Eva…

“If Mark can do it and so many other people, SO CAN I”

“I WON’T STOP even if I have to DIE in front of my computer!”

These were the EXACT words I told her.

So after many months of struggles, constant failures and reaching the point of being almost completely BROKE…

I FINALLY found the RIGHT SYSTEM & METHOD that allowed me not only to work from home but within 4 months even QUADRUPLE what I was earning in my last job!

I’m now privileged to live a truly BLESSED life, this time on my terms…


A life where I have ALL THE TIME I want to spend with my family and do the things I LOVE the most 🙂

At this stage, I want to take things to the NEXT LEVEL and I’m not talking about making more money.

Money is great, but I’m talking about something WAY more powerful and meaningful than that.

I’m talking about HELPING others, make the same transition in their lives and find their true purpose.

The experience of making other people’s lives better, is truly life changing…

If you want to transform your life the way I did, YOU CAN do this!

ANYONE can do this, if they believe it and take ACTION 🙂


Thanks for taking the time to read my story…

Look forward to seeing you on the inside!

To your success,

John Michael