YouTube Keyword Research & Video Creation

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To get high volumes of free traffic and make money on YouTube, you first of all need to do a good job with your keyword research.

If your YouTube video targets low traffic volume keywords you will receive a very small number of visitors to your video.

Correct choice of keywords is crucial when it comes to Video Marketing and more specifically Video SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

When it comes now to creating the actual videos, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be on camera.

Fortunately those who don’t want to be on camera can also make money on YouTube since there are so many ways to create videos.

So don’t let the fear of being on camera put you off! However, fear is also just an illusion. When I did my first video on YouTube I was governed by fear, but I never allowed that to stop me 🙂

YouTube is a great source of free traffic and learning the ins and outs of YouTube can be both fun and extremely rewarding. YouTube traffic always converts very well for almost anything I chose to promote!

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